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Splicing lyrics

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

A good game is mixing and matching song lyrics. You gotta sing ’em though. Like: “This is major Tom to ground control/you’re a rocket man!” etc. More fun is Billy Joel: “Play us a song, you’re the piano man/but you’re always a woman to me.” I reckon you could write whole poems this way. It’s like genetic engineering. Here’s the bastard offspring of David Bowie and Strapping Young Lad:

c’mon little kiddies
you know major tom’s a junkie
hey, you failed like god in me
have i got a treat for you.
i’ve never done good things
I’ve never done bad things
at first it tastes all yummy,
then you start to turn blue

come on, and ask you mommy
want an axe to break the ice
your pennies are in hand

you can tell me, who’s your filler now?
all i am, helped me, i’m the filler
you know major tom’s a junkie
strung out in heaven’s heights
hitting an all time low

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